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   October 21, 2006
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Agriculture Production Recordkeeping

As an agricultural producer you'll want to establish solid production records so you can make adjustments when needed and continually assess your profitability.

Learn more about Red Wing Software's production-specific products by clicking on a choice below.

Cow/Calf by Red Wing Software is a complete herd management tool with analytical reports that track individual animal information, veterinary history, weaning, yearling, etc. for bulls, cows and their calves. Cow/Calf includes handy worksheets and provides herd analysis as well as herd inventory. Choose between Cow/Calf Commercial, Cow/Calf Commercial with Report Writer and Cow/Calf Production for breed-specific registry tracking and an added Report Writer.

Click on a option below for a complete list of features.

    Cow/Calf Commercial
    Cow/Calf Commercial plus Report Writer
    Cow/Calf Production

EASi Suite
Red Wing partners with Mapshots, Inc. to bring you the most complete crop management software available! EASi Suite includes nutrient management plans, identity preservation, watershed protection, CAFO plans, GMOs, StarLink, and more.

Click here for a complete list of EASi Suite 2004 features.

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